Unit Information


To access our wireless Wi-Fi connection, locate the network specific to the name of the property and condominium number you are occupying.  The Willows room 100 is Willows100 network with password: willows100.  Riva Ridge South room 345 is Rivaridge345 network with password:  rivaridge345.  If you have any trouble connecting to your network, please contact our concierges.    

Receiver, Television & Audio Visual

Receiver should be set on CBL/SAT Function to listen to the television with the surround sound system.  Adjusting the volume may take a few turns on the dial or remote-control to reach the level you would like.  If there is no sound coming from the speakers in wall/ceiling continue turning up the dial on the receiver while in the CBL/SAT function.

Audio Visual accessories.  To attach a game consul, camera or computer manually attach auxiliary cords from device directly into the television- Not the receiver.  For sound and picture, only adjust the manual buttons on the side of the television.

You can use the remote-control in the living room for all functions of the television, receiver, and TV Input.  

Apps. Hold the microphone button and tell the remote control what app you would like.  You can manually access Apps by selecting the Xfinity button, scroll right to select Apps, scroll down one row to select Popular Entertainment Apps, select your App and Log-in.  Remember to log-out of your account when finished. You can also access additional free movies and TV from App menu.

Gas Fireplaces

In the Willows you will find a switch located on the right-hand side to ignite the fireplace. 

In Riva Ridge South, the timer is located on the wall next to the fireplace.   Turn clockwise to start.  Burner will ignite within five seconds.  Timer will turn the gas off automatically and may be restarted.  Do not lean any items on the glass of the fireplace as the glass will get very hot and burn what is touching it.  Please turn off the fireplace when leaving the condominium. 

Thermostat Control

The thermostat is best controlled when left in Auto mode.  If you would like immediate temperature to change you can use heat or air conditioning modes.  Auto mode works the best to maintain a comfortable temperature in your unit. 

In the Willows building there is in-floor heating that is preset.  If you find that an adjustment is necessary, please contact our Concierge.


Humidifiers can be very beneficial in this alpine climate.  To fill the humidifier, lift the water tank off the base, unscrew the water chamber lid, fill with water (pre-filtered), replace the lid making sure it is secure and place the tank back on the base.  Select the operation mode you would like by using the buttons on the front side of the unit.  Please place your humidifier away from smoke detectors and do not use the highest setting as this could trigger the fire alarms.


Concierge hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM during peak season. You may dial -0- from your room phone to contact the concierge desk. The concierge can assist you with any activity or dining reservations you may need. The concierge can also assist you with contacting housekeeping and/or maintenance.

Ski & Snowboard Storage

Please utilize our complimentary Ski Valet at American Ski Exchange.  You may store personally owned equipment or rentals from American Ski Exchange but not other store’s rental equipment.  Located in Vail Village at 225 Wall Street, west of Bridge Street across from Vendetta’s.  Boot Dryers and lockers are available here and skis will be dried and secured.

Skis and Snowboards are not allowed in the units.  Riva Ridge South ski locker is located at the far west end of the underground parking.  Your private door code is required for entrance into the locker.  In The Willows, you can store your skis in the front lobby closet.  See the front desk to secure your equipment further. 


The spa is open from 9AM to 8PM. No glass is allowed in or around the spa. Plastic glasses are provided for your use. Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult. Climbing on the water feature or walking on the spa edges is prohibited.  Showers and towels for the spa are in the restroom between the Willows lobby and the spa deck.


Guest passes for Dryland Fitness at the Gravity Haus are available from the Concierge.  With 18,000 square feet of training space, they offer expert-led fitness classes, open gym, personal training, and a full-service spa. Gravity Haus amenities include Hot Tub, Cold Tub, Dry Sauna, Normatec Boots, Hypervolt Recovery and Halotherapy.  This facility does not have a lap pool.

Building Access

Access code issued pre-arrival is necessary to enter the building.  After-hours the Willows entry doors may be opened by entering the code into the keypad to the right in the entry foyer. This same code may be used for opening the garage overhead door, garage access door, courtyard walkway doors and the back access door.


To place a call, dial “9” first to get an outside line then dial the number. To place a long-distance call, dial “9” then “1” plus the area code and number. To dial an international call, dial “9” first then “011” plus the country code and number

To call other units within the property, dial the room number. For medical or police emergencies, dial “9” then “911”. For other emergencies dial 104 to reach the resident manager. The management offices may be reached by calling 970-476-2233 where an automated attendant will answer and provide instructions by reaching relevant departments.  Friends and relatives wishing to contact you in

your room should call 970-476-2233 and then enter your room number when prompted by the automated answering attendant.


There are two handles that control the shower. The upper handle turns the water on, and the lower handle controls the temperature.

Jacuzzi Tub

To operate the jets, fill the tub until the water is above the highest jet. The controls are located inside the tub. Please do not add any liquid soap or shampoo when operating the jets.

Emergency Exit Plan

Emergency exit plans are displayed by each elevator on every floor.  Familiarize yourself with these procedures upon arrival.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of our staff. In the event of an emergency all guests are asked to exit the buildings and move to the opposite (north) side of Willows Park, towards Gore Creek.  If you exit your unit to Willows loop (south) above the Willows and Riva Ridge South buildings, please walk around to Willows Park.   To ensure our guest’s safety we would take rollcall verifying all guests know their party’s location as well as confirm every room is vacant.  Meeting on the north side of Willow Park affords a safe distance from the buildings and allows ample space for the emergency personnel.